Wireless Network Solutions – Need of Today

A wireless network solution is one of the best solutions for sharing various resources such as data storage, software, printers and internet connections. Using this technology, more people are operating from their houses instead of commuting their offices to work.

The process of setting up such a system is not only extremely simple but also inexpensive. Generation today, has well accepted such technology because it allows you more mobility than ever before. Using such technology, you can carry your laptop or computer anywhere without any hassle and tangling of cables or wires. This is certainly a perfect solution accomplishing different goals of life.

Benefits of this technology:

As compared to other networking solutions, it offers the following benefits of convenience, cost advantage and productivity:

· High Speed of Installation:

Installing it is not only easy and fast but it also obviates the requirement to pull cable wires through ceilings and walls.

· Flexibility:

The systems associated with this technology can be easily configured into a wide variety of network topology in order to meet the requirements of particular installation and applications. One can easily change and range configurations from peer-to-peer networks appropriate for few users.

· Mobility:

Using it, users have an easy access to information anywhere in the company or organization or outside. Thus, this mobility greatly supports enhanced productivity and new service opportunities that were previously not possible because of old technologies.

· Minimum Ownership Cost:

Although, the initial investment needed for this technology can be extremely higher, however the expense of overall installation and its life cycle cost can be comparatively lower. Long-term benefits are highest in the environments that require frequent changes and moves.

Few examples of wireless solution includes the following:

· The Amateur Radio Service

· Cordless sets of telephone-they have limited range and do not confuse them with mobile phones

· GPS (Global Positioning Systems) allows captain of ships and boats, drivers and pilots of aircraft to find the location on different parts of the earth.

· Professional and consumer Marine VHF radios

· Professional Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) and Land Mobile Radio ( LMR) are mostly by ]ublic, industrial and business entities.

· Satellite television-this has revolutionized the world. Sitting in your drawing room in any part of the world, you can view any channel of your choice.

· Cellular Pagers and Telephones-They provide great connectivity to mobile and portable applications, both business and personal.

· Cordless Computer Peripherals- One of the most common examples is cordless mouse. Other examples include printers and keyboards because they can be connected to computer through wireless.

Hence, there is no reason to deny that this technology has revolutionized the present world.

Source by Omkarnath Shastri