Quick Response Emergency Phone Alarm for Elderly Use

Maintaining an active daily routine contributes to better physical and mental health in older people. But constant movement, however, can expose your loved ones to various health risks which can occur while they are alone at home. The ideal solution is to install an emergency phone alarm so you or other designated guardian can come to the aid of the elderly when they trigger an alert.

An emergency phone alarm has important advantages over other types of home alert systems and is a medical alert system alternative.

Push-button operation: Accidents and mishaps happen quickly and can disable the elderly. An emergency contact phone is operated easily by pressing a single number on a mobile phone’s keypad. This automatically calls a group of people nominated by the user to receive notifications and alerts of emergencies.

Direct dialing: Recalling names and numbers can be challenging for a senior relative whose memory may not be sharp. The emergency phone service takes care of dialing several numbers for your elderly home companion once he or she triggers the phone alarm.

Wide area coverage: A phone alarm system relies on the ready infrastructure of cellular phone networks to make emergency calls unlike pendant alert systems which must be connected primarily to a radio signal receiving device to extend the alert outside your home. A radio signal device can face some problems such as lack of a clear line of sight connecting both transmitter and receiving base unit. It is also vulnerable to power outage which can happen in an emergency.

Tracking ability: A mobile phone’s digital signal can be traced using GPS technology adding to your peace of mind that the whereabouts of older relatives is the least of your worries during an emergency.

Emergency notification service: People who have been designated by the user of a medical phone alert system will receive important alerts of calls that were made, their time and any resolution provided during the emergency.

Fast and easy use: No minimum investment is required for an emergency phone alarm service. You won’t have to purchase new equipment and can use your existing mobile or home phone line. The home alert system is not an application that requires a download and complicated installation procedure but a network service that is easily activated through the provider’s website. The system is ready to use immediately upon activation.

As a network service, an emergency phone alarm system can be upgraded frequently on the back end so users need not do anything to benefit from the system’s modifications. Securing the personal safety of your loved ones while you’re not at home is your primary concern. Choose only the most reliable alert system that you can afford.

Source by P Freeman