Pay As You Go Mobile Phones – Facts and Figures You Must Know

Pay as you go mobile phones have been increasingly popularly slowly. The popularity stems from the fact that they are so easy to acquire. With normal cell phone plans there are credit checks, security deposits and contracts, whereas with a pay as you go mobile phone, there are none of these things. You generally buy the phone with a set dollar amount already on it (usually $ 10), and all you have to do is call and activate it, no strings attached. This may be a very good option if you do not have good credit, or simply can not commit to a contract.

Once you have your prepaid, or pay as you go, cell phone you must keep it loaded with minutes. Depending on your carrier, you can call and "top off" your phone with a credit or debit card, go to the store and buy a card to refill your minutes. They usually come in $ 15, $ 25, and $ 50 increments and up. You can also sign up for plans with prepaid phones, and your payment is taken directly out of your bank account each month for the following month.

The downside of pay as you go cell phones is that you usually end up paying more per minute than you would with a plan. Many times nights and weekends are not free with pay as you go plans like they usually are with regular, contracted plans. Some even pay a set amount per day for usage of the phone above and beyond any calls you may make.

Most pay as you go cell phone deals usually include free mobile-to-mobile calling within their particular network, so if you know a bunch of people with the same network you may be able to save money by getting a phone from that network.

With economic times being what they are right now; pay as you go cell phone deals are becoming much more affordable and convenient. A few even offer unlimited calling, internet, push-to-talk service, and text messages, along with many other features for a very low price per month. These new pay as you go plans are more affordable than many of their competitors' prices for contract phone plans and are increasing in popularity at a very fast rate.

So it IS possible to get a very affordable pay as you go deal, you just have to do your research. A thorough search of cell phone providers for your area and the deals that they offer should reveal what the best deal for you is. There are many sites on the internet that offer multiple carriers and make it very easy to compare pay as you go plans. Your search could be over within the hour.

Source by Richard Andrew Dalton