Network Marketing – Are You Using the $300 Solution to Create Permanent Residual Income in Your MLM

There’s a lot of talk about attraction marketing and creating six-figure success in network marketing. But the truth is that there is one thing that still plagues the profession. What is it? It’s attrition. Even with the Internet 95% of the people are exiting out the business as fast as they come in but that does not have to be the case.

There is one simple strategy when implemented plugs the hole in the leaky boat called attrition and not only stops the problem but flips it on its head.

The key is called the $300 solution and the goal is to get your distributors to a $300 check as fast as possible. The best case scenario is within a three to six-month period. It’s been proven that when this happens they will not only stay in your organization, but they will produce results.

In an interview I did with Randolph Byrd, formerly founding partner of Upline Magazine he said, “There is one reason that people don’t get to the $300 benchmark it is because they don’t know how to prospect or sponsor.”

Here are some of the tips that you can use to get yourself and your team to $300 a month as soon as possible.

1. Establish a benchmark of success as your first $300 check. Many people get discouraged when they have an unrealistic expectation, and when they are making 10k among and 90 days they quit. Celebrate this accomplishment.

2. Know your numbers. Look at your compensation plan and create a blueprint to know exactly what needs to be done to hit this first target of success. It has been proven that you attract and keep people when they are clear on what they need to do.

3. Learn and teach your team how to prospect powerfully by using proven strategies and resources to attract people who have an interest in what you have to offer.

The truth is, you will never get to permanent residual income if only you are having success in your organization. Simply making sure you and everyone in your organization hits this first benchmark is one way to ensure permanent long-term residual income for you and others who want it. That is the goal, right? Remember, the key to a big business and six-figure success can only happen if you help others.

Source by Kimberly A. Rhodes