How To Get Free Tracfone Prepaid Phones With Unlimited Texting and Talk Time

Why would you want to buy Tracfone prepaid minutes? Did you know that they have more subscribers than some of those network companies like Sprint or Verizon? Did you also know that while using a Tracfone you can call on almost any network in the United States and pay no fees? That much I already knew and there is no one else that can match this for convenience. But now I want to show you how to get free Tracfone prepaid phones with unlimited texting. Of course that goes along with unlimited calling and even unlimited mobile internet access if you want, all for a lot less than any regular cell phone plan.

Until now all the Tracfone prepaid phones and plans have been great but sometimes you need to think too much to get the best Tracfone deals. You know, go hunting for those deal of the week promo codes or get some free Tracfone minutes when you buy more minutes. Now these kinds of Tracfone promotions are really great if you just need a few hundred minutes or maybe a thousand, and you also want something different every month. But what if you simply want unlimited cheap calls with no hoops to jump through and no surprises or running out of minutes?

I hesitate to call this a plan since there is no contract at all, but here is what you get with the plan:

  • Unlimited calling. Free Tracfone minutes become irrelevant!
  • Unlimited texting. Give those thumbs a workout.
  • Unlimited data plan. Yes, this is not a misprint.
  • No contract.
  • Tracfone coverage on the Verizon Wireless network

Lots of choices on cell phone brands and features as well. Here are a few:

  • Samsung T401G with slider keyboard.
  • Samsung R355C – get this as a reconditioned phone free!
  • LG R451C – another free phone.

Note that you can get a free phone and still no contract ever. Just pay one month at a time. 

Cell phone plans, convenient online mobile recharge services, prepaid phones with unlimited texting, mobile Internet deals – this is all changing very fast. It wasn’t long ago that one of the cell phone networks broke the $100 barrier by offering unlimited calling and data plan for $99 on their network. That was not Verizon so coverage was not so great. Still, that was a great deal and yet this Tracfone plan costs less than half that amount and with better coverage! I just can’t stand it – I need to make some phone calls!

Source by Cameron Dillon